Flavio Bautista Oviedo

. Drama Professor. 

Professor Bautista Oviedo is a graduate of Laboratorio de Teatro Campesino e Indígena de México. He studied two Diploma courses: one in scenic direction and acting, under Luis Ángel Isaías Silva and another one on Juan Ruiz de Alarcón and Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz, entitled ¨Teatralidades sospechosas a dos lados del atlántico¨, under the direction of José Luis Ibáñez.
He has participated in multiple courses, workshops and spaces of scenic exploration as: (a) the Intensive lab in scenic research, textual and scenic dramaturgy, held at the Centre for the Arts at Queretaro City in 2016, (b) the workshop on Unipersonal Creation, held in Argentina in October that same year, as well as (c) diverse courses of the continuing formation system of Instituto Nacional de Bellas Artes which consists of topics such as theater for social integration, physical training for the actor, physical theatre, African dance and butoh, as well as the actor´s voice.
Since July, 2001, he has worked as a theatre, folk dance and Latin rythms professor at CEPE-Taxco, UNAM. Since 2008 he has directed its Grupo de Teatro Xinaxtli, which has produced and directed more than 20 stage presentations.
He has danced with Ballet Folclórico Mexicano and Estampas Colombianas group. He also participated in the tour through Germany, Italy and Austria organized by UNAM´s Coro Académico in 2003 and in Tocatí, a traditional and autoctonous games festival held in Verona, Italy, in 2014.