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axco de Alarcón is located to the North of Guerrero State. Up in the mountains, it is one of the most beautiful Colonial cities of Latin America and its antique houses and winding streets it accommodates the flavor of an exceptional history.

This city preserves most of its viceregal style and some of the most iconic buildings of the Colonial period such as Santa Prisca temple, an authentic jewel of the New Spanish Baroque period. Taxco is the most ancient mining and economically solid center of the Americas. The silver and all the precious metals of its mines assembled a jewelry and ornamental industry which is now renowned all over the world.
Even though silver were making is no longer a dominant activity in the city, the beauty of its architecture has turned it into a famous touristic site known around the world.
Furthermore, its closeness to Mexico City (170 km) and to other touristic important sites like Acapulco (257 km) and Cuernavaca (85 km), make it a strategic point to know all of this important places.
 Social and Cultural life
Taxco offers its inhabitants and visitors a wide cultural and gastronomic offering. During July the renowned Jornadas Alarconianas congregate theatre companies from all over the world in an intense and vibrant homage to the most acclaimed Taxco personality, dramatist Juan Ruiz de Alarcón.
And for the rest of the year, the calendar of religious, popular and traditional festivities dress Taxco up with festivity and joy. The celebrations of the Holly Week and the Silver Fair, among others, are especially important.