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篓鈥.Just as I expected, the course program is fantastic. In fact, it exceeds all my expectations. The food we eat is delightful, either if it is the food we prepare ourselves or we ask for at restaurants we visit. I have also eaten many more weird things (dead and alive insects, their eggs, etc.) during this travel than any previous day in all my whole life. And all of them were delicacies (except maybe for the mosquito麓s eggs that were rather disgusting鈥

But we not only ate insects. We also had a taste of deer, wild boar, huitlacoche, delicious fruits, refreshing fruit waters, comforting soups, hot and soft dishes, great-tasting desserts, and even mezcal shots to whet the appetite.

Teachers and accompanying personnel are all very attentive. Recipes and visits are very well planned too, they ae different and instructive鈥.篓

(Guy Lacoursi猫re, Gastronomy course 鈥 March, 2017, CEPE-Taxco).



鈥淭he five of us came here to enroll in the language school at CEPE-Taxco鈥, explains Morrison. 鈥淚t鈥檚 part of UNAM, the premier public university of Mexico. CEPE is the center for language studies for foreigners, and is a satellite campus housed in what in the 16th century was a聽hacienda.聽Students are evaluated for placement in one of eight levels of Spanish instruction and cultural activities鈥.


A testimonial of Nancy Morrison, a Spanish student of CEPE-Taxco, published in Revista Latitud 38, volume 482, August 2017, p. 131).