ith more than 450 million speakers in the world, the Spanish language has established itself as one of the four most important languages in the world and its relevance grows in all fields of knowledge, culture, science, business, art, and information.

The National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) through the Centro de Enseñanza para Extranjeros at their campus in Taxco, offers foreign students that wish to learn Spanish an experience of comprehensive linguistic immersion.

All of our Spanish teaching programs are designed and endorsed by UNAM; they have international validity and follow the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. Our commitment is to provide courses of academic quality to foreign students, an attractive offer of support activities for their learning, as well as the proper international certification for the knowledge of the Spanish language.

But, above all, in CEPE-Taxco we offer you the unique possibility to enjoy the daily experience of learning, living, and speaking Spanish in one of the most beautiful colonial cities in Mexico.

Come and join us. 

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 Video Immersion in Spanish and Culture Cepe Taxco


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  • Direction

    Dr. José Carlos Escobar Hernández 52+(762) 622-01-24/622.34.10 Ext. 29968 jcescobar@cepe.unam.mx
  • Academic Contact

    Mtro. Rommel A. Scorza Gaxiola 52+(762) 622-01-24/622.34.10 Ext. 29966 rscorza@cepe.unam.mx
  • Administration

    Lic. Mario Orozco González 52+(762) 622-01-24/622.34.10 Ext. 29965 morozco@cepe.unam.mx
  • Botanical Garden

    Ma. Guadalupe Guzmán Jacobo 52+(762) 622-01-24/622.34.10 Ext. 29967 maguguzman1388@gmail.com
  • School Administration Services

    Eunice Arelí Cuevas Arteaga 52+(762) 622-01-24/622.34.10 Ext. 29967 ecuevas@cepe.unam.mx
  • Cultural Activities

    Mónica Pérez Zúñiga 52+(762) 622-01-24/622.34.10 Ext. 29969 monica.perez@cepe.unam.mx


Consult our calendar of activities and participate in the cultural activities and performances that
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Get Certification

CEPE-Taxco offers various ways to obtain certification, by means of an exam, of the level of Spanish
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We have various services within the school facilities that allow students to increase their knowledg
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In addition to the teaching activities, CEPE-Taxco allows you to visit and explore the nature of the
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