Basic Pre-Discursive


Credits: 6
Hours: 90

Credits: 1    Hours: 18

Credits: 1    Hours: 18



In this class students will be guided through the sounds of Spanish and their articulation in syllables, words and sentences.

Spanish on scene 1

Students will work expressive shades that will allow them to put into practice what they learn in their pronunciation course so as to be able to express with different communicative intentions.

Spanish 1

Conversation – oral practice

Students will put into practice their language knowledge to be able to take their first steps towards an oral expression that will derive in confidence to speak. They will use common expressive formulas, common words to ask for and to give information, as well as their first idioms,  etc. in simple communicative situations.

Spanish on scene 2

Students will work expressive shades through dialogues and pre-determined interactions that will allow them to express with different communicative situations.

Spanish 2

Reading and conversation

Students will develop reading comprehension strategies that will allow them to generate conversation topics based on previously read information.

Readers theatre

Students will work their body language as an extra-linguistic element linked to oral communication.

Spanish 3

 Writing 1

Students will recognize and produce simple texts related to Mexican culture using accurate punctuation signs, spelling, accent marks, main ideas, secondary ideas, paragraphs and some connectors.

Mexican cultural diversity

Students will familiarize with the different expressions of diverse ethnic groups and Mexican popular culture (languages, music, food, clothing, popular art and traditions).

Spanish 4

Writing 2

Students will recognize, analyze and produce texts where they will describe, express an opinion, summarize, expose, argue, demand and ask for things.

Pre-hispanic Mexico

Students will glimpse a general overview of the cultures that lived in Mexico, their cosmo-vision and features that are still part of Mexican culture.