Mario Orozco GonzĂĄlez

. Administrative Delegate.

Mr. Orozco González is a graduate of UNAM®s Facultad de Contaduría y Administración, 1987 – 1993 generation. He has worked in different UNAM dependencies where he started his career at the UNAM®s Internal Auditor®s Office in 1990.
He is the Administrative Delegate at CEPE-Taxco campus.

Eulogio Aranda Trujillo

. Head of Area.

Mr. Aranda Trujillo has a degree in Accounting of Instituto de Estudios Superiores Juan Ruiz de Alarcón, generation 2007 – 2012. He works as bookkeeper at CEPE-Taxco campus.
He is currently Head of the Accounting area.

Ma Teresa Alvarado GarcĂ­a

. Asistente Secretarial.

Mrs. Alvarado García studied her Highschool at Preparatoria por cooperación “Vicente Guerrero”.
She worked from 1991-1992 at the IGC, Plastic Arts in charge of office, staff and accounting. From 1992 up to date she has worked Centro de Enseñanza para Extranjeros, UNAM, Taxco campus, in different areas as DirectorŽs assistant and she was also in charge of Guided visits.
She has worked at School issues of the Spanish Department and from 1994 up to date she has been in charge of School issues of the English Department. She is in charge of lodging information and assists the Academic Secretary.

JesĂșs RaĂșl Barrera GarcĂ­a

. Cashier.

Mr. Barrera GarcĂ­a finished his BA studies in Public Accounting at Universidad Juan Ruiz de AlarcĂłn in 2004.
He has taken diverse courses and diploma in Accounting updating, Extraordinary revenue integral system, Budget accounting recording, Integral system of financial information and Digital invoicing system.
He started working with us in 2010 and he is currently working as bookkeeper and cashier up to date.

Eunice ArelĂ­ Cuevas Arteaga

. Assistant to the Director.

Mrs. Cuevas Arteaga is a technician in Computer systems. She worked at Universidad Politécnica of Guerrero State, as an assistant to the Principal and for two Academic Secetaries and also as a Head of the Library Department.
She has taken different courses through UNAMŽs Plataforma México X in Intercultural Education, perspectives, ABC for the creation of projects, Finances for entrepreneurs, as well as workshop courses in Jornadas de Capacitación of CONRICYT.
She is currently studying English at Centro de Enseñanza para Extranjeros, UNAM, Taxco campus, and is the Assistant to the Director.

Pedro Ángel López Bustos

. Servicios Generales

Mr. LĂłpez Bustos graduateed as an Accounting technician from Centro de Bachillerato TecnolĂłgico Industrial y de Servicios N.82, and as an Analyst programmer technician from Centro de Estudios TĂ©cnicos en InformĂĄtica y ComputaciĂłn Profesional. He is a Public accountant of Universidad Juan Ruiz de AlarcĂłn.
He has taken diverse courses and diploma: Extraordinary revenue Integral System, Budget Accounting Recording and School Administration, Habits and costumes of Mexican culture through Art, General services, Recording and control of Patrimonial goods and Property and supply management at UNAM.
He worked as universal cashier, controller and accounting operator at Banamex. Since 1995 up to date he has worked in different areas of CEPE- Taxco as an accounting assistant and general services provider, he is in charge of guided visits payments and he is warehouse manager and general safekeeping. He is currently in charge of general services and fixed asset.