English Department


he teaching staff of our English Department consists of nine teachers, some of which are native speakers of English, all with a preparation of several years of teaching experience that guarantees students will learn to speak, understand, read and write English in every single class doing it by means of a language vivid experience in real every-day situations.

Carmela Sotelo Salgado

. Head – English Department.

Professor Sotelo Salgado is a graduate in Languages of Colegio Anglo Americano, A.C. She got a TKT certification of Cambridge University. She has taken different updating courses and has a professional experience of 24 years.
She is currently the Head of the Department at Centro de Enseñanza para Extranjeros, UNAM, Taxco campus.

César Ávila Roa

. English professor.

Professor Avila Roa is a graduate of White Plains High School, New York. He is certified by San Diego Global University and the SEPA English system (incorporated to SecretarĂ­a de EducaciĂłn PĂșblica, SEP).
He is a professor of English at Centro de Enseñanza para Extranjeros, UNAM, Taxco campus, since October 2009.

Cesia Karina Barreda Brito

. English professor.

Professor Barreda Brito is a BA graduate in Educational Intervention and a graduate of the intensive courses on English from Centro de Enseñanza para Extranjeros, UNAM, Taxco campus, where she became a professor. She has a Certificate by Cambridge University as an English teacher. She has taken multiple updating courses and has been a teacher for the last six years.

Kyle Andrew Coleman

. English professor.

Professor Coleman is a graduate of Illinois State University with a BA in Spanish with emphasis on Latin American studies. He has participated in diverse updating courses of English by Cambridge University.
He has been working as an English teacher for more than ten years in Mexico, in public and private schools, from the pre-school up to medium high levels. He is currently a teacher of English at Centro de Enseñanza para Extranjeros, UNAM, Taxco campus.

Belén Magadan Hernåndez

. English professor.

Professor Magadan Hernandez is a BA student in Pedagogy of the Universidad Nacional AutĂłnoma de MĂ©xico and has a Cambridge TKT (Teaching Knowledge Test) certification of English language.
She teaches the childrenŽs English courses at Centro de Enseñanza para Extranjeros, UNAM, Taxco campus, since 2009. Furthermore, since 2013 she teaches English as a Foreign Language at Universidad Politécnica del Estado de Guerrero (UPEG) and to the students that are in Secondary school in Colegio Miguel Ángel de Taxco, A.C.
She is interested in motivating her students to learn the language and make it part of their everyday life.

Cristina Mosqueda MartĂ­nez

. English professor.

Professor Mosqueda Martinez studied a BA in English teaching and a MA in Educational research, with a scholarship from CONACYT, at the Instituto de Ciencias de la EducaciĂłn of Universidad AutĂłnoma del Estado de Morelos, where she taught from 2004 to 2010.
She specializes in applied linguistics, formation and training of English teachers and teaching English as a foreign language. She is currently a professor of English as a foreign language at CEPE-Taxco, UNAM.