Edgardo Mendoza Contreras

• Responsible.

Mr. Mendoza Contreras is a Biologist. He is a BA graduate of UNAM´s Facultad de Ciencias. His interest for the conservation of Mexico´s floristics wealth has made him to venture in diverse areas of the scientific daily task of such as biotechnology, cacti studies, the conventional propagation of plants and the scientific outreach.

He has collaborated in some in vitro propagation projects with cacti, orchid, ornamental and coppice plants. He was a member of Sociedad Mexicana de Cactología  A. C. where he participated in various dissemination events held in Mexico City and other Mexican States.

He worked as liaison officer between “Red Echeveria” and small producers of succulent plants. He has also participated as expositor in events such as Feria de las Cactáceas in Axapuxco, Feria de las Flores at San Ángel, among others.