Theater Group Xinaxtli

    Teatro 1
    Xinaxtli in Náhuatl means “chosen seed”. With the calling of being a seed for a creative artistic project, the theater group Xinaxtli of CEPE-Taxco has become the most representative amateur theater group in Taxco.
    The group currently consists of 13 actors and actresses between the ages of 15 and 50 that work together with their director, Flavio Bautisto Oviedo, in all facets of theater work: acting, production, directing, ballroom dancing, as well as troupe performances.
    Xinaxtli works to present a repertoire of four or five performances a year. In each of them national authors are included in the majority, in addition to elements of Mexican popular culture: music, dance, and popular indigenous celebrations.
    Some of the most successful stage performances have been: La casa de Bernarda Alba (Federico García Lorca), Las manchas del jaguar (Layo Oviedo), Los perros (Elena Garro), Conmemorantes (Emilio Carballido).